February 2020

Why Israel Badly Needs National Unity Government

The upcoming Israeli election is both boring and terrifying. Boring, because the campaigns have been lackluster and uninspiring, and many Israelis are by now indifferent to or disgusted with the political system. Terrifying, because another indecisive result and a fourth election would plunge the country … Read More

Israel’s Next War Could Change the Middle East

Israel’s next war will be different than previous wars. It will feature new tactics and strategies, and will likely be deadlier than before. If it escalates and spirals out of control, it could have far-reaching implications that will change the Middle East. The last major … Read More

Will Defense Minister Bennett Surprise Iran and Hamas?

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett is promising a different approach to fighting Iran and Hamas. Recent reports suggest that new plans are in the works, but Bennett will be ultimately judged on his actions, not words. On Tuesday February 11th, Bennett announced that Israel was refocusing … Read More