February 2020

Israeli Election Predictions From Sherlock Holmes

Predicting the results of the 2020 Israeli election is a tricky business. Figuring out what kind of government will be formed after the election is even trickier. Still, some experts have been getting such forecasts right for years. How do they do it? To face … Read More

Trouble at Sea for Israel As New Powers Change Region

The Israeli Navy usually doesn’t get much attention. But soon it may be called upon to play a key role in ensuring Israel’s national security, according to a fascinating (and somewhat disturbing) recent report. While we were busy reading about Iran and Hezbollah, experts at … Read More

Is Hamas Learning to Speak Better Hebrew?

Israel’s security services recently thwarted a Hamas scheme to hack the phones of IDF soldiers. Hamas members posing as attractive women made contact with Israelis online or on chat applications and managed to fool hundreds of them. Most reports focused on Hamas’ improving cyber capabilities, … Read More