January 2020

Israel Faces Clash With New Palestinian Generation

The newly released US peace plan marks the end of an era. The two-state vision of the 1993 Oslo Accord has become obsolete. Soon, the Palestinian generation associated with Oslo will be gone, too. An aging leadership still clings to power, but a new generation … Read More

War and Peace: What’s Next in Israeli-Palestinian Drama?

Israeli-Palestinian relations appeared to be on the verge of explosion after President Trump unveiled his peace plan Tuesday. Israel was talking about immediate annexation, while the Palestinians were getting ready to fight. But a day later, both sides stepped back from the brink. Shortly after … Read More

Trump Unveils Good Peace Plan That Nobody Wants

President Donald Trump’s peace plan is clearly tilted in favor of Israel, but offers rewards to both sides. In a parallel universe, it could have been the basis for a promising Israeli-Palestinian peace deal. But in the real world, almost no one is interested in … Read More