December 2019

Is New York City Becoming Unsafe for Jews?

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Friday a heightened police presence in some areas to counter growing violence against Jews. The move, which follows an uptick in Antisemitic attacks, suggests that the city is becoming increasingly unsafe for members of the Jewish community. “In … Read More

Netanyahu Sends Message With Decisive Win in Likud Vote

Benjamin Netanyahu’s win in the Likud leadership vote is bad news for his chief rivals in the 2020 national election. The prime minister’s decisive victory highlighted his key strengths and signaled that defeating him remains a huge challenge. Netanyahu overpowered his Likud opponent Gideon Sa’ar … Read More

Israel vs. Iran: Who Will Blink First in Syria Standoff?

As 2019 draws to a close, a major military clash between Israel and Iran seems inevitable. Tehran is intent on establishing a menacing military presence in Syria; Jerusalem is equally determined to prevent Iran from building a lethal war machine on Israel’s border. What comes … Read More