December 2019

Will Gideon Sa’ar Be Israel’s Next Prime Minister?

Under certain circumstances, Gideon Sa’ar could soon become the new Likud leader, and then Israel’s next prime minister. But does he have what it takes to become PM? And what are his chances of succeeding Benjamin Netanyahu? Recently, Sa’ar challenged Netanyahu and called for a … Read More

Netanyahu: Europe ‘Should Be Ashamed’ for Helping Iran

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lashed out at European countries Sunday for helping Iran circumvent US sanctions. Netanyahu lauded the Iranian people for protesting against the Islamic regime and said that Europe’s behavior at this time was shameful. “In Tehran, in Baghdad, in Beirut, people are … Read More

Israel Under Attack at Canada’s York University

Anti-Israel sentiments are running rampant in one of Canada’s largest universities. Pro-Palestinian activists and their supporters have turned York University in Toronto into a battleground against the Jewish State. Last week, the university’s student federation passed a sweeping motion to resist the presence of any … Read More