November 2019

Thousands of Netanyahu Supporters Rally in Tel Aviv

Thousands of people demonstrated in Tel Aviv Tuesday evening in support of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The protesters expressed their anger at Israel’s justice system for indicting Netanyahu on corruption charges. About 6,000 people gathered outside the Tel Aviv Museum and waved Israeli and Likud … Read More

Palestinian Shift to One-State Solution Threatens Israel

The Palestinians may increasingly favor a one-state solution to the conflict with Israel, observers have warned for some time. A global push for a bi-national entity instead of an independent Palestinian state would threaten Israel’s existence as a Jewish state. Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem … Read More

Gaza Terrorists Test IDF; High Alert in West Bank

Gaza Terrorists have been testing the IDF’s war readiness in the past 72 hours, as the West Bank prepares for a “day of rage” against Israel and America. The army is again on high alert to counter a potential escalation that could spiral out of … Read More