November 2019

Defense Minister Bennett Faces Power Struggle With IDF

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett has been striking an aggressive posture since taking office. Bennett is promoting tougher policies against Iran and Hamas, but the IDF is resisting the changes. For now, the newly appointed minister is unlikely to win this power struggle. Bennett is pushing to … Read More

Israel to Demand Billions for Jewish Assets in Arab World

Israel will soon present detailed estimates of the value of Jewish assets left behind in the Arab world. This will pave the way to demand billions of dollars in compensation for Jewish refugees forced out of Muslim countries. A wide-ranging project to assess the value … Read More

Hezbollah Under Attack; Will Israel Strike in Lebanon?

Is a clash between Israel and Lebanon more likely at this time? Hezbollah is facing in recent days an onslaught of criticism and calls for action against it. The global pressure makes the Lebanese terror group more vulnerable to an Israeli attack. On Thursday, Der … Read More