October 2019

Israelis Still Shaken by Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting

The Pittsburgh synagogue shooting continues to weigh on the minds of Israelis a year later. As officials and the media mark the anniversary of the Tree of Life massacre Sunday, they are still disturbed by its sheer depravity and chilling implications.     Jews in Israel … Read More

The Curious Case of Ex-Shin Bet Chief Avi Dichter

There is little doubt that Avi Dichter was an outstanding intelligence chief and a fierce warrior on terror. It is equally clear that he subsequently became a mediocre politician. Now that he has been appointed as Israel’s deputy defense minister, will Dichter shine again? Dichter … Read More

Ongoing Settler Attacks on IDF Alienating Israelis

Continued settler attacks on soldiers could gravely undermine the future of the settlement project. The settlers have always struggled to win the hearts of most Israelis, and images of youngsters confronting troops are hardly helping the cause. On Thursday, an arsonist set a Border Police … Read More