October 2019

Will Netanyahu-Gantz Tango Lead to Unity Deal?

Benjamin Netanyahu and Benny Gantz may be the perfect couple, politically speaking. As they cautiously explore the potential for a national unity government, both know that they have much to gain. Collaborating with Gantz would enable Netanyahu to form the kind of broad and moderate … Read More

Israel’s Air Defenses on High Alert, Says Senior Officer

The vast array of Israel’s air defenses is currently on high alert, Air Force commander Amikam Norkin said Wednesday evening. “The protection challenge is becoming more complex. The threat of missiles and rockets is now compounded by unmanned aircraft and cruise missiles,” he said This … Read More

Drones Playing Greater Role in Gaza Border War

The future is here in Gaza, where drones play a growing role in the battle between Israel and Palestinian terrorists. Both sides are increasingly using unmanned aircraft to develop new capabilities and sting their opponents. The Israel Defense Forces unveiled Wednesday an innovative drone designed … Read More